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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Have you ever wondered if there's a secret to writing social media post captions that get read? Well there is...sort of.

If you're one of the many business owners trying to build an online community of social proof but getting no results, I got you.

There are two things you need to build a monetizable online community:

You can't get engagement if your captions aren't as high value as your post.

Captions are a huge part of creating valuable content, but most businesses who aren't content marketers neglect them.

If you're struggling with getting people to read and engage with your content, check your captions.

Biggest Mistakes

Here's the biggest offenders I've seen:

  1. First line doesn't catch attention

  2. Too many thoughts in the caption

  3. Too many sentences in a paragraph

  4. No sub heads

  5. No bullet points

  6. Caption doesn't reflect the post

  7. No white space

  8. Repeating what's in the post

  9. No CTA (call to action)

  10. No emojis

  11. No keywords (people can't find your content in a search)

  12. The wrong hashtags (people won't see you)

Your captions should be easily scannable, add value, support the post topic, and tell the reader what to do next. You also need the right keywords and hashtags to help your content get algorithm recognition so it can be pushed out to people that aren't already your followers.

Captions Tips

Here's a few tips for writing captions that get reach and get read:

  • Ask a question or use a controversial statement in the first line of the caption

  • Add examples from your clients

  • Add data to support your position

  • Define complicated concepts or industry acronyms

  • Ask questions relating to the topic

  • Tell a story that relates to the reader

  • Add keywords related to the post, audience, and your niche

  • Use the right hashtag mix (match the keywords)

  • Use a CTA that supports your post goal

For some more tips for writing captions that get reach, check out the Instagram posts below:

Antonia (Toni) Semanskee has a Master of science degree in global business administration and is an associate professor of Marketing and business.

Toni is an Instagram marketing strategist and data nerd who helps service-based businesses go from having a "presence" on social media to DOMINATING their niche.

Toni's mission is to improve Instagram's reputation from a vanity metric, selfie-taking, and dancing platform into a serious marketing tool that builds brand reputation & credibility that leads to significant business ROI through the attraction of high-value clients and referrals.

Struggling with building online credibility? Steal her Crush Your Instagram Profile Guide here and get seen today: check out her free tips on Instagram:, or visit the website:

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