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Are you a service based business that posts content consistently and engages on social media but you're getting zero new leads and making no sales?

Here's the thing about social media marketing for business: you have to earn trust and be seen as an expert if you want anyone to buy your services.

You might be making two huge mistakes that are causing your brand to be ignored.

The first mistake is posting the wrong kind of content and the second is engaging with the wrong people.


Let’s talk about content first. There are five general types of content used on social media:

- Inspirational/motivational

- Entertaining

- Promotional

- Educational/authority building

- Informational/expertise building

Most businesses have a Content mix of 80% inspirational, entertaining, promotional and 20% informational and educational content.

Why is this a mistake?

Are you posting inspirational posts, entertaining memes, lifestyle photos of you, and promotional posts? Unless you have well-known brand authority, that type of content won't work for you.

1. If you want people to buy from you, you need to be seen as an authority and expert in your industry or niche. Entertaining, inspirational, and promotional content doesn't do that for you.

2. The main goal of social media post content is to reach new audiences through content...strangers-people who don't know your brand.

If you hope to attract prospects to your profile, you need to give them quick wins to small problems and demonstrate your expertise. Promotional, inspirational, and entertaining content doesn't demonstrate how your business is qualified to solve their problems.


Are you chasing prospects? If so, you're not alone. There's a false belief that building relationships with prospects will make them by when actually the opposite is true.

People are suspicious when a business that is obviously selling a product approaches them to “build a relationship.“

Prospects generally don't engage with a business they're thinking about hiring....they stalk them silently, watching what other industry players are saying.

A better strategy is to build relationships and strategically align yourself with competitors, complementary businesses, and industry experts.

Why? These accounts are solving the same kinds of problems that you are and if you post solutions that also help them with their own content, they'll validate you as an expert.

Here’s my best tips for creating content and engaging:

1. Flip the 80/20 rule and consistently create content that is relevant, useful, authentic, and clear-leave the other kinds of content for your stories.

2. Strategically choose people in your industry that “get it“ and want to play the Engagement game with you.

3. Support and nurture those people and they'll support you back.

If you change those things about your social media, you'll begin to build brand authority, your account will start to grow, and you'll attract leads and referrals.

Toni is an Instagram marketing strategist and data nerd who helps service-based businesses go from having a "presence" on social media to DOMINATING their niche.

Struggling with building online credibility? Steal her Crush Your Instagram Profile Guide and get seen today by tapping here.

Check out her free tips on Instagram: or visit the website:

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